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    Corona Pandemic

Passenger information Corona Pandemic

Dear guests and visitors of Bremen Airport,

due to the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have modified the opening hours of the terminal for the duration of the pandemic. Furthermore, there are some changes for our guests and visitors when they visit the terminal:

  • Please note that you have to wear a face mask in the terminal and in the shops
  • The type of mask is not specified. Both the so-called everyday masks and alternatives that cover the mouth and nose, such as scarves or towels, are accepted
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other people
  • For your own protection and the protection of others, please make sure you fulfil the hygiene recommendations. You find disinfectant dispensers at the sanitary facilities
  • Please note that some airlines require you to wear a face mask on board. If you have any questions about your flight or journey, please contact your airline or tour operator directly. Here you can find all airlines at Bremen Airport.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!
Your Bremen Airport

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