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At Bremen Airport you can reach your target group. Benefit from the ideal location in the Northwest.

Advertising at the airport

Bremen Airport is the leading commercial airport in the northwest. Here you can reach a national and international audience with high purchasing power. Advertising at Bremen Airport is unique because of the


Around 2.5 million passengers annually, more than 1 million visitors and more than 16,000 employees in the airport city guarantee you high contact figures.


The incomparable mixture of cosmopolitanism, modern worlds of experience and emotional moments can only be found at an airport and especially here at Bremen Airport.


Short distances, unavoidable waiting times and the relaxed atmosphere ensure a high level of receptiveness. The length of stay before departure at Bremen Airport is about 1.5 hours.

Target groups:

Air travelers are educated, cosmopolitan, dynamic and consumer-minded. Bremen Airport is equally popular with business travelers, package vacationers and low fare passengers. Bremen Airport's terminal structure allows it to target these customer segments precisely. In addition, employees of the airport city are also regular guests here during their lunch break.


Bremen Airport offers the most extensive selection of advertising space in the northwest: whether it's a parking card or a giant poster, a promotional stand or a logo on a grassy area - this is where you really set the stage for your creative campaign.

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