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Sternentaler Fundraising Campaign

With the “Sternentaler” fundraising campaign, the Bremen Airport staff demonstrate their commitment and collect donations for non-profit and charitable projects.

Social Engagement - Sternentaler fundraising campaign

Under the name “Sternentaler”, employees at the airport initiated the fundraising campaign. You can find more information about “Sternentaler” here. For the year 2010, donations were made to the following institutions:

Trauerland –Zentrum für trauernde Kinder e.V., the centre for grieving children

Here grieving children are offered the chance to deal with their grief about the death of a loved one in their own personal way. Trained volunteers, psychologists and pedagogues accompany them on this path through games, painting and playing.

Kinder- und Jugendfarm Habenhausen e. V., the child and youth farm

The goal of the child and youth farm is to bring children and youths from urban agglomerations into contact with animals, plants and the environment. On the farm they can, amongst others, become acquainted with farm life, assist and work on the farm with a sense of personal responsibility and learn environmentally conscious behaviour.

“Ein Zuhause für Kinder“ - St. Matthäus Gemeinde, a home for children

“Ein Zuhause für Kinder” is a child and youth centre in Huchting, which offers countless activities and care. The children and youths for instance have the opportunity to receive help with their homework or participate in different sport and recreational activities.

Kindergarten Ganspe

After a fire, the kindergarten needed financial help to rebuild. The building as well as all the kindergarten’s furnishings are destroyed and must be replaced. Since moving into the neighbouring school building, the kindergarten has tried to find its way back to the everyday routine and to organise necessary furnishings and games.

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