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Bremen, the Hanseatic City on the banks of the River Weser, has a 1200-year-old history. Many witnesses to the historical past may still be found today, at the head, the UNESCO world heritage site town hall and the “Roland”. In the “Schnoor” – Bremen’s oldest quarter – you can experience an atmosphere straight out of the Middle Ages. 

But Bremen is not just home to commercial tradition – the north-western metropolis is especially characterised by its cosmopolitanism. And there are celebrations in Bremen year-round: Germany’s oldest folk festival - the Freimarkt –, the music festival, the maritime festival, Europe’s largest six-day race, musical and theatre highlights, notable art exhibitions, the traditional Christmas market with Schlachte magic along the Weser promenade … the Hanseatic City on the banks of the Weser is full of life and adventures.

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