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Travelling with children

Planning ahead

Children’s services

When travelling with children, planning ahead is the be-all and end-all.  Airlines offer different services that make flying easy. We have compiled some suggestions and offers for you below:

In the case of long-distance flights, there is the option to book a baby cot. For the safety of the child it is required that they be strapped into a car seat for the duration of the flight. Flight passengers are generally secured by a seat belt. Please contact your respective airline about whether your child will require a car seat and to what extent your own car seat is airworthy.

If you have any questions regarding these and other services for children, please contact your airline company in advance.

Baby food in hand luggage

Generally, liquids in containers with a capacity of 100 ml and under that are transported in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity of maximum one litre are permitted in hand luggage. Only one plastic bag is permitted per flight guest. An exception is however made for baby food. The 100 ml limit does not apply and it also does not need to be transported in re-sealable plastic bags. An amount of baby food designated as appropriate for the length of the flight may be carried in the hand luggage.

Note: In order to prevent misunderstandings and to pass through the security check-point without hassle, please inform the security personnel of the baby food in your hand luggage without first being asked to do so.

Day of departure

Getting to the Airport

Flying should be fun for young and old. The central location of the airport is a good prerequisite for this: it takes only 11 minutes to get from Bremer City to the Bremen Airport. You can park easily and comfortably in front of the terminals. Bremen Airport has more than 4.500 parking spaces in two car parks, from which you can arrive at the terminals within just a few minutes on foot and roofed over throughout. However, before a flight lasting several hours, the children may also want to have some of their wishes fulfilled. Keeping this in mind, please leave an adequate amount of time for your journey to the airport as well as check-in. In this way you will be on the safe side and take off hassle-free.

Airport stay

Fool-proof pastimes at Bremen Airport. Pasta, pizza, fries, ice-cream, lemonade – eating and drinking in the restaurants and cafés, whatever a child may desire. After sitting quietly at the table, the kiddie land in Terminal 2 as well as the McDonald’s play land offer children the chance to play to their hearts’ content. The unimpeded view onto the take-off and landing strip of the aeroplanes in the Bremen Hall mesmerise the onlooker. Great memories for children are also to be had in the form of the "Airport Flight Experience" in the Spaceshop.

Baby changing rooms

Separate baby changing rooms may are located in all terminals as well as the security area, which are only accessible to passengers after check-in.


Please inform yourself at the check-in counter about checking in car seat and buggy. It is possible to check in the pram in shortly before boarding, given that what adults see as a short walk is often a long distance for children.

You can find further information and contacts here.

Child wellness package for hand luggage 

Before the journey begins, here is a hand luggage checklist for all the Mums and Dads:

  • stuffed animal or comforter
  • baby blanket from home to feel at ease
  • toys
  • books
  • meals for in-between
  • just in case: medication against fever and travel sickness
  • change of clothing 

To facilitate the equalisation of pressure during take-off and landing:

  • nose drops
  • baby bottles and soothers for the little ones
  • chewing gum for the older ones

Generally, a clear nose, chewing and sucking can aid the equalisation of pressure in children.

Service Hotline

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