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Luggage Information

Hand luggage

Luggage at Bremen Airport receives just as much attention as the flight guests. We have compiled all relevant information for you in the following.

How much hand luggage can I take with me?

Luggage allowances vary among airline companies. You should therefore ask your airline company about their exact allowances and restrictions. Depending on the airline company, you are generally allowed to take a luggage item with a weight of approx. 5 to 12 kg; max. measurements: 55 x 40 x 20 cm with you as hand luggage. You can check whether or not your hand luggage exceeds the allowed size at several places where luggage-sizers have been set up.

What can I take with me in my hand luggage?

As a general rule, you are not allowed to take any dangerous objects meant to hurt other people in your hand luggage. These include, sharp and pointy objects such as scissors, nail files, knives or fireworks. A detailed list of objects prohibited on flights, compiled by the European Commision, may be found here.

What must I consider when packing liquids?

Flight guests and their hand luggage are additionally searched for prohibited objects and also liquids at the security check point. This does not apply to liquids purchased after the security check point or acquired on an aircraft of an EU airline company. Only a limited amount of liquid is allowed in the hand luggage. Frequently asked questions regarding the packing of liquids, compiled by the European Commision, may be found here. You can also purchase the plastic packets required for liquids at vending machines at the airport. One of these vending machines is located in Terminal 1, close to the check-in counter by the escalators; two further vending machines may be found in Terminal E.

What must be considered as regards aviation security checks?

You can contribute to a reduction in the time it takes for aviation security checks to be completed by doing the following without being asked to…

  • presenting all liquids at the check-in
  • taking off coats and jackets. These clothing items are x-rayed separately
  • taking laptops and similar electrically-powered objects out of the hand luggage. These are also x-rayed separately

Checked luggage

As a general rule, two pieces of luggage per passenger with a total weight of max. 20 kg are transported for free. However, with some airline companies the “piece concept” applies, that is, luggage is calculated based on size, quantity and weight. However, the number of pieces of luggage you may check in without a surcharge may vary depending on the airline company. You should therefore consult your airline company before packing. Many articles may not be transported in your checked-in luggage. The following objects are prohibited:  explosives and incendiary substances and devices - explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft. More information about objects that may not be carried on board may be found in this list compiled by the European Commision

Bulky luggage

If you want to fly with bulky luggage, please speak to your travel agency or the airline company before travelling in order to register your bulky luggage. Objects that cannot be automatically transported via the luggage conveyor system count as bulky luggage. These include, amongst others

  • golf equipment
  • musical instruments
  • skiboards and surfboards
  • bicycles 
  • animals in transport containers
  • buggies
  • fragile objects
  • especially large or heavy luggage

In Terminal 1 and 3 you will find special bulky luggage counters where you can submit your piece of luggage after having checked it in at the check-in counter. For more information regarding possible additional costs, contact your airline company directly.

Luggage tracing / Lost & Found

In cases of damaged or lost luggage or objects, please contact an employee of the Lost & Found Office in Terminal 3 directly after arrival.

If you have any questions please contact:

Lost & Found
Telephone: +49 (0) 421  5595 848

Customs information

Please bear customs regulations in mind when you travel. You can find passengers' allowances and other regulations here.

Where do I find the customs office?

Should you still have questions once you are at the airport, you can go to the customs office in Terminal 2, ground floor (arrivals hall). An additional customs office is located in the Ryanair Terminal/Terminal E.

How and when can I contact the customs office:

Hauptzollamt Bremen
Kontrolleinheit Flughafen Bremen    
Flughafenallee 23
28199 Bremen
Telephone: 0421 3897-2542
Fax: 0421 3897-2549

Zollamt Flughafen
Hanna-Kunath-Straße 12
28199 Bremen
Telephone: 0421 3897-2525
Fax: 0421 3897-2526

Luggage trolleys

At Bremen Airport, luggage trolleys are available to you free of charge. You can find luggage trolleys in the terminal, in front of the terminal, as well as on all levels of the car parks.

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