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Registration before the journey

Bremen Airport offers several services to passengers with reduced mobility to facilitate their journey. Flight guests with reduced mobility or disabilities who require supervision at the airport are asked to register themselves in advance.

  • at least 48 hours before take-off
  • with the airline company
  • with the tour operator

Timely registration facilitates the timely forwarding of information to the supervision service.

Registering your wheelchair

If you take your own wheelchair you need to register it with the airline company stating its measurements (height, width and weight). Detailed information regarding the transport of your wheelchair may be obtained from the airline company or tour operator.

In case you are travelling with a battery-operated wheelchair, please inform yourself about the type of battery it uses and provide this information when you book the flight.

You are travelling with a companion dog

If your dog is accompanying you on your journey, please ask your airline company about current regulations for taking them with you well in advance. Please keep your dog on a lead while you are in the terminal. 

Arrival and departure

Stopping at the terminal access road
Within the area of the terminal access road, you can get in and out free of charge as well as stop at the parking spaces designated for loading and unloading. Please display a parking concession or a severely disabled pass ("G" or "aG").

You are arriving via tramway
The tramway line 6 stops directly in front of the terminals. You can find your way to the check-in counter by following the general airport signage.

Parking your car
The disabled parking spaces are located on the 3rd parking level in car park 1. The entrance of car park 1 has a height limit of 2 metres. These parking spaces may only be used by persons with a valid disabled pass. There you will also find a telephone box, from which all passengers with reduced mobility may contact the supervision service. You can also request a wheelchair on loan with the supervision service, if so required.

The elevators in the car parks are easily accessible to those in wheelchairs. In addition, assistance for blind and partially sighted people is possible, given that information is also displayed in braille in each elevator.

You have arrived at the airport

Make your way, as usual:

  • to the check-in counter of the airline company

Should you require help before check-in, make your way to:

  • the pick-up or drop-off point of the supervision service in the Main Terminal at the information desk
  • the telephone box of the supervision service in the car parks (car park 1, 3rd at the parking spaces for disabled).

Supervision Service

Our supervision service supports you during check-in as well as at the security check point and accompanies you to your seat in the aeroplane. Should you want to contact the supervision service by telephone, please call the following number: tel.  +49 (0) 421 5595-294.

Even on the way back, the airport supervision service is at your disposal. Please inform the cabin crew.

Our facilities

All disabled facilities at Bremen Airport are identified by the corresponding symbols. The following facilities are available:

  • disabled toilets
  • elevators
  • stair lift in terminal 3 (self-service / operated with the Euro key)*
  • orientation system for blind people between the car park, tramway stop and terminal

Disabled toilets

In Terminals 1 - 3 as well as Terminal E, several disabled toilets, to be opened with the Euro key*, are provided. Information regarding the locations is of course also available in the Main Terminal at the information desk.

Good to know

Since 26/07/2008 the EC Regulation no. 1107/2006 applies to the rights of air passengers with reduced mobility.

Here you will find what air passengers with reduced mobility should know.

The responsibility and execution of assistance lies with the airline companies and airports, the regulation prescribes an EC-wide universal standard for this.

Here you will find the Quality Standards of the Flughafen Bremen GmbH.

 *The Euro key can also be obtained from the representative for people with disabilities of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen ([email protected]; phone: +49 (0) 421-36118181).

Supervision service

You have questions? Please contact your travel agency or your airline


Euro key contact

Representative for people with disabilities 

of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

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